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, Scheme 1. Transformation of 2-methylthiophene (2MT): 2-methyltetrahydrothiophene (2MTHT), pent-1,3-diene (P13DN), pent-1-ene (P1N), pent-2-ene (P2N), n-pentane (nP)

, Transformation of 3-methylthiophene (3MT), 3-methyltetrahydrothiophene (3MTHT), 2-methyl-but-1-ene (2MBN1), 2-methyl-but-2-ene (2MBN2), 3MBN1 (3methyl-but-1-ene), isopentane

, Scheme 3. Transformation of benzothiophene (BT): Dihydrobenzothiophene (DHBT), Ethylbenzene (EB)