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. .. , Multi-silo simulation set-up with all silos merged (connected hoppers) into one big silo (actual communications with non-empty messages between subdomains), p.50

. , 10 Ratio between parallel overhead and serial tasks for systems made of spherical particles and polyhedral particles

. , Granular dam break set-up. The granular media is made of icosahedral particles

, 12 3D view of the granular dam break flow for Size 4 case, p.53

. , 13 2D view of the granular dam break flow for Size 4 case. (a)-(f) correspond to snapshots every 0.1s

. , Complementary results with lateral walls instead of periodic conditions are plotted in green, 15 Variation of run-out distance (L ? ?L)/L with dimensional size of the system for a ? 7.3

, 16 Final scaled profiles of the deposit as a function of dimensional size of the system for a ? 7.3. All profiles collapse on a single master profile, p.57

. , Weak scaling parallel performance of Grains3D in granular dam break computations

. , 000: (a)(d) U in /U mf = 2, ? = 0.75 fluid porosity contours colored by pressure magnitude, velocity contours in a x ? z cut plane located at?yat? at?y, p.61