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[hal-01495168] Assessing subsidence rates and paleo water-depths for Tahiti reefs using U–Th chronology of altered corals

We present uranium–thorium chronology for a 102 m core through a Pleistocene reef at Tahiti (French Polynesia) sampled during IODP Expedition 310 “Tahiti Sea Level”. We employ total and partial dissolution procedures on the older coral samples to investigate the diagenetic overprint of the uranium–thorium system. Although alteration of the U–Th system cannot be robustly corrected, diagenetic trends in the U–Th data, combined with sea level and subsidence constraints for the growth of the corals enables the age of critical samples to be constrained to marine isotope stage 9. We use the ages of the corals, together with δ<sup>18</sup>O based sea-level histories, to provide maximum constraints on possible paleo water-depths. These depth constraints are then compared to independent depth estimates based on algal and foraminiferal assemblages, microbioerosion patterns, and sedimentary facies, confirming the accuracy of these paleo water-depth estimates. We also use the fact that corals could not have grown above sea level to place a maximum constraint on the subsidence rate of Tahiti to be 0.39 m ka<sup>−1</sup>, with the most likely rate being close to the existing minimum estimate of 0.25 m ka<sup>−1</sup>.

[hal-03195719] Erratum to “Brazilian laterite dynamics using in situ-produced 10Be”[Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 163 (1998) 197-205]


[hal-01458854] Controls on Holocene denudation rates in mountainous environments under Mediterranean climate


[hal-03194765] Seismo‐tectonic model for the southern Pre‐Rif border (Northern Morocco): Insights from morphochronology




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