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The LC-ENS (Laboratoire de Chimie de l'ENS) is a joint institution between the CNRS (centre national de la recherche scientifique), the ENS of Lyon (Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon) and Lyon1 University. Chantal Andraud has been at the head the LC ENS since 2010.

Several thematics are currently developped in chemistry and in physical chemistry. Interdisciplinary projects are in progress at the frontiers of biology, material sciences and physics. Recearch themes cover a large domain of expertises in experimental chemistry (organic, inorganic and synthetics materials) as well as in modelling and characterization. Part of the interdisciplinary projets of the LC-ENS are connected to social questions (environment, health, defense, ICT, textiles). These projects focuses on three themes :

  • systems for biology: imaging, diagnostic, therapy;
  • systems with specific properties: properties for optics, magnetism, supramolecular heterogeneous catalysis, dectection of gas, chiral recognition or development of smart textiles;
  • numerical modelling: reactivity (exploration of reaction pathway in heterogeneous catalysis), spectroscopy (modelling of excited states of magnetic and optic systems), and development of models for enzym and biomolecular systems.

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