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 Control of Artificial Movement & Intuitive Neuroprosthesis

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Cueing Parallel simulation Fes cycling FES Inertial sensors Inertial measurement unit Digital architecture Center of mass Control theory Driftless integration Electric potential Common Spatial Patterns Electrodes Bariatric surgery Adaptive arithmetic coding Parkinson's disease Amplitude of low-frequency fluctuations Complications Mixture of geometric distributions 3D transformation Direct spinal cord stimulation Multi-contact Brain plasticity Nerve stimulation Heart rate EMG Behaviour Motor Imagery Gait analysis Internal combustion engine Corresponding author at IFP Energies nouvelles Neuro-feedback Identification Hypoactivity Neuroprosthesis Neurostimulation Control aware scheduling Freezing of gait Inverse dynamics Electrode Neural selectivity Model-based control design Autonomic managers Control architecture validation Functional brain mapping Experimental validation Electrical Stimulation Grasping function restoration Baclofen pump Closed-loop control Expectation–maximization algorithm Functional electrical stimulation FES Cuff electrode Personalized modeling Grip function Nutrition Cardiology Causal polynomial extrapolation Notch filters Foot clearance estimation Inertial parameters identification Drop foot correction Evoked electromyography eEMG Joint torque Direct electrical stimulation Neural modeling Brain machine interfacing Mobility impairment Hybrid simulation Feasibility Animal model Diffuse low-grade gliomas Direct spinal electrical stimulation Heart failure Control PET imaging Aging Obesity Context-based decision Modeling Home-based rehabilitation Linear Parameter Varying Systems Rehabilitation Computer Control Electrical stimulation Lossless image compression Bladder and bowel functions Denervated muscle Kinect Electrophysiology Anesthesia Electroencephalography Administration loops Pig model Biocompatibilité Biomedical technology Functional Mockup Interface Electrical microstimulation Cerebellum Gastro intestinal disorders Brain-Computer Interfacing