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 Control of Artificial Movement & Intuitive Neuroprosthesis

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Vagus nerve stimulation Brain-computer interface Neuroprosthetics Stroke Freezing of gait Functional electrical stimulation Nonlinear analysis Electrodes Model decomposition Spinal Cord Injury Electromyography interface Freezing of gait FOG Biomechanics Simulation Parallel simulation Awake surgery Closed-loop control Motion control Subject-specificity Default mode network Control Neuromodulation Petri nets Center of mass CoM Humanoid robotics Muscles Formal analysis EMG Control theory Movement analysis Action potential chronic vagal stimulation C fibres Stomach electrical charge evoked activity high frequency pulses implanted device porcine model single afferent method recording electrode pulse pattern small diameter myelinated abdominal vagal neuron stimulation neurophysiology biomedical electrodes bioelectric potentials Adelta fibres Software unmyelinated abdominal vagal neuron stimulation vagal trunks Animals Electric potential Electrodes Neurons Shape System Global Observation Statically equivalent serial chain SESC Brain Inertial Measurement Unit Exception Adaptive Kinematics Implementation Direct electrical stimulation CORTEX Functional Electrical Stimulation Surgery FES cycling Rehabilitation Inertial Sensor Gait analysis Motion analysis Electrical stimulation Inertial sensors Paraplegia Brain plasticity Electrophysiology Administration loops Tetraplegia Social cognition Formal verification Identification Parkinson's disease Electroencephalography Selectivity FES 3D transformation Vagus nerve Neuroprothèses Muscle model Glioma Inertial measurement units Neurosurgery Neuroprostheses Festination Plasticity Accelerometers FUNCTIONAL CONNECTIVITY Spinal cord injury Electromyography Tracheal sounds 2D-spectral analysis Obesity Functional connectivity Autonomic managers Motor unit Inertial measurement unit Transfer assistance Fatigue 3D centre of mass Language SCI Stimulation Pattern Spasticity Respiratory monitoring Muscle Pig model Brain mapping Neurorehabilitation Gait Cycle Bladder and bowel functions Neural stimulation Kinect Phrenic nerve stimulation